COVID-19 Update: 9/16/20

The latest update from the COVID-19 Task Force:

We hope you are adjusting to your classes and feeling healthy! While we are happy to report that there are currently no known active COVID-19 cases among the on-campus community, everyone must continue to do their part by taking the Petrel Pledge. Remember to practice care for your individual health and the health of others, demonstrate respect and compassion for fellow Petrels, and adhere to public health guidelines and the policies in the COVID-19 Handbook.  We are in this together. 

COVID-19 Handbook Updates

Two updates were made to the COVID-19 Handbook regarding COVID conduct violations, specifically the Tier Two and Tier Three offenses (see: IV. Student Expectations > b. COVID Conduct Panels). These additions and changes include:

  • A recommended base sanction for committing a Tier Two offense as the temporary removal from the on-campus community, with a required negative COVID-19 test within 36 hours prior to returning to campus, or revocation of benefits. Testing or temporary housing will be at the student’s expense. 
  • Bringing/hosting nonresidential guests on campus and violations of unapproved off-campus activity have been added as Tier Three COVID Conduct Violations, as these actions represent willful and malicious behavior that puts the community at risk of COVID-19 exposure. Examples of unapproved off-campus activity include going to bars, nightclubs, indoor events and/or large gatherings.

View the updated COVID-19 Handbook.  

Petrel Pause

For those on-campus: Greater compliance with COVID-19 guidelines on-campus is needed to lift the Petrel Pause period as scheduled. 

The updates made to the COVID-19 Handbook are part of an enhanced effort to create greater compliance so that the entire community living on campus can benefit through the introduction of social pods. Additionally, the case management team must have 100% compliance among those on-campus using the Lifeguard health screening app. Students, please encourage your fellow classmates to complete their twice daily screenings. If you are having issues with Lifeguard, please email

Testing and COVID-19 Dashboard Update

As mentioned previously, there are no longer any known active cases of COVID-19 on campus, and the individuals who tested positive upon arrival have completed their quarantine periods. This is now reflected in the COVID-19 Dashboard.

Counseling Center Services

The Counseling Center continues to offer its services remotely and has several new support groups planned for Fall 2020. Learn more about these services and support groups.

Academic Services

As we move further into the semester, remember to take advantage of academic support services, which continue to be offered remotely.

Additional Services

Although the campus is physically closed to students living off campus, students may still access campus services and staff through email. Employees continue working office hours remotely.