COVID-19 Update: 9/23/20

The latest update from the COVID-19 Task Force:

We hope this latest update finds you feeling healthy and practicing the Petrel Pledge. As reported last week, there are no known active COVID-19 cases among those living on campus. We commend our on-campus residents for adhering to the COVID-19 policies, which has led to this success. Still, as we transition from the Petrel Pause to the introduction of Petrel Pods, everyone must continue to do their part in reducing the spread of COVID-19, both on and off-campus.

Petrel Pods

As mentioned in previous updates, the Petrel Pause was a two-week period of enhanced social distancing for our on-campus community following move-in. We are fortunate that our baseline testing, in conjunction with move-in, resulted in only three positive tests. 

Since there are no longer any known active COVID-19 cases on campus, we will move forward with the introduction of Petrel Pods, which will allow on-campus residents to begin expanding their social circle. Residents have been briefed by Residence Life and their RAs on the process for establishing their initial Petrel Pods, along with expectations and guidelines. Off-campus guests and visitors continue to be prohibited.

View the Petrel Pod Policy.

LifeguardRx Mobile App

On-campus residents must continue their self-health screenings and daily check-ins through the LifeguardRx mobile app. However, the check-ins are now only required once per day instead of twice per day. Residents are also expected to add the members of their Petrel Pod to their circle of care within the app. Further instruction will be provided by Residence Life.

Testing and COVID-19 Dashboard Update

Currently, there are no known active cases of COVID-19 on campus. Any change in COVID-19 activity on-campus will be reflected in the COVID-19 Dashboard.

Remote Programming

Most of our students, faculty and staff are remote. So, it’s important we stay connected! Many programs and services are offered remotely. Be sure to check out OU Connect for the latest events, and view 10 ways to stay connected during the remote semester.

Additionally, the Counseling Center has expanded remote services and is offering several support groups for students to join. Likewise, Academic Success continues to offer services, resources and support remotely. 

View additional campus services and contact staff through email as employees are working office hours remotely.