COVID-19 Update: 10/7/20

The latest update from the COVID-19 Task Force:

As those living on campus have expanded their social circles through Petrel Pods, there continue to be no known active cases of COVID-19 among those on campus. While this is fortunate news, everyone must continue to do their part by taking the Petrel Pledge – whether on or off-campus! 

Not only should everyone continue to wear a mask, wash or sanitize hands regularly and social distance, now is also the time to get a flu shot! As flu season begins in conjunction with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we must all be mindful of the strain this will place on the health care system, as well as the increased risk of catching both flu and COVID-19. This is why getting the flu vaccine is even more important this year!

For the latest on COVID-19 activity on campus and in the surrounding area, view our COVID-19 Dashboard.

Spring semester planning

As previously mentioned, the COVID-19 Task Force has begun planning for the spring semester, and the academic subcommittee is revisiting the spring calendar. As part of this planning, a survey was sent to students via email to gauge preferences regarding course delivery and residence life. A survey was also shared with faculty regarding course delivery preferences. These surveys close on Monday, October 12 at midnight. Please review your emails and complete this survey prior to its close. Finalized decisions will be shared in the COVID-19 weekly updates and on the COVID-19 website.

LifeguardRx mobile app compliance

For those on campus: Please remember to check in and complete the self-health check once per day on the LifeguardRx mobile app. This is an important tool, as it is vital to mitigation efforts and contact tracing should individuals need to be tested based on the symptoms recorded. As participation is a requirement for living on campus, there should be 100% compliance! Non-compliance will result in a conduct violation.

Off-campus visitors

As stated in several updates and in the COVID-19 Handbook, off-campus visitors and/or guests are strictly prohibited at this time, and is considered a conduct violation.


The Southern Athletic Association is preparing to reconvene their task force for discussions around resuming sports in the spring with all member institutions. The Core Principles of Resocialization of Collegiate Sport will guide these conversations. Any updates on decisions made will be shared in the COVID-19 weekly updates and on theĀ COVID-19 website.

Remote Programming

Remember to stay connected and check out OU Connect for the latest events! Many new virtual events and programs are being added regularly.