COVID-19 Update: 2/18/21

As we progress into the semester, please continue to be mindful of the latest public health guidelines in addition to the campus policies regarding COVID-19. The threat of new, more contagious variants of COVID-19 poses an additional risk to our community, so it is critical that everyone stays committed to the Petrel Pledge and finish out the Petrel Pause strong. 

Minimizing spread on campus

Campus remains closed to outside visitors, unless preapproved by administration. No visitors are permitted inside the residence halls. Campus is open to Petrels Authorized for Campus Access (PACA), which includes on-campus residents, commuter students attending classes on campus, and authorized personnel.

Reminders for PACA:

  • PACA are required to follow the policies outlined in the COVID-19 Handbook.
  • PACA should continue observing a period of enhanced social distancing during the Petrel Pause through February 22. 
  • The Petrel Pause will be followed by the introduction of Petrel Pods, though this is dependent on stabilization of case rates and PACA compliance with campus policies. Petrel Pods allow campus residents to expand their social circle to a small group of other campus residents.
  • Further details for forming these pods will be shared with residents via Residence Life.

It is important for PACA to adhere to campus policies and take them seriously, as they are in place to reduce the potential for uncontained spread of COVID-19 on campus. Violating any of the policies outlined in the handbook can result in conduct violations, and ultimately, removal from campus. Non-compliance could also result in the need to extend the Petrel Pause beyond February 22. Individuals can and should report COVID-19 violations, incidents or concerns anonymously at

COVID-19 testing

As of today, there are 386 campus residents and 340 commuters authorized for campus access. We’d like to commend our campus residents for their commitment to the Petrel Pause prior to move-in, as there were no positive tests from the baseline testing of residents conducted at move-in on February 7, 2021.

There are currently nine active cases of COVID-19 among the campus community, five campus residents and four commuters. There has been a total of 13 cases dating back to testing from February 3, 2021, which includes testing of athletics. All active cases remain isolated, with close contacts in quarantine. Only two have chosen to remain on campus to isolate or quarantine. View the COVID-19 dashboard, which is continuously updated to reflect the latest testing results.

Surveillance testing details:

  • Weekly surveillance testing begins tomorrow, February 19. 
  • Weekly surveillance testing begins tomorrow, February 19. 
  • Those randomly selected to participate in tomorrow’s round of surveillance testing should have received an email from with details. 
  • PACAs randomly selected to participate in future surveillance testing will receive a prior notification email from with further details.

Oglethorpe has also begun implementing routine wastewater testing for residence halls, an additional surveillance measure to aid in detecting COVID-19 and limit uncontained spread, as it can determine a need for targeted COVID-19 testing among campus residents.

Daily health screenings

PACA should be enrolled in the LifeguardRx mobile app to complete their daily check-ins and report any possible symptoms of COVID-19. Individuals are expected to complete these daily check-ins even on days when they do not come to campus.  The app will notify individuals of further actions they need to take based on symptoms reported. If you have questions or are experience issues accessing LifeguardRx, please contact


With outside fans unable to attend home athletic events in person due to risks associated with COVID-19, Oglethorpe University has formed a new partnership with LocalLive to offer an improved live streaming experience to follow all the live action.

Oglethorpe has introduced this new live streaming platform for men’s and women’s basketball games in 2021 and will continue to expand it to additional home sporting events throughout the year.

Campus tours

The Office of Admission has been approved to begin hosting in-person campus tours for small groups of admitted students and their families beginning February 22, 2021. All groups will be preapproved and prescreened for COVID-19 symptoms. Only students admitted for 2021 start terms may register for campus visits. No self-guided tours are permitted. View additional details regarding campus tours.

Again, campus remains closed to all other outside visitors, unless preapproved by administration. No visitors are permitted inside the residence halls.