Petrel Pledge & Policies

A shared responsibility and commitment to the health and well-being of the Oglethorpe community

COVID-19 Handbook

The COVID-19 Handbook has been updated for Fall 2021. Please review the policies and procedures in the COVID-19 Handbook below. The handbook will be updated for Spring 2022 ahead of the spring semester.

Quarantine and Isolation

Isolation pertains to anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, and quarantine pertains to those who have simply been exposed to someone with COVID-19. 

Isolation protocols are consistent for those who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status. Quarantine protocols for those who have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 differ based on vaccination status. 

Please refer to the following infographic as a quick reference to distinguish the difference between quarantine and isolation.

Additional details can be found in the COVID-19 FAQs and the COVID-19 Handbook.

Feeling Sick?

If you experience symptoms of COVID-19, please inform your instructors or supervisor, and stay home as you monitor your symptoms. If you test positive for COVID-19, please refer to the following reporting instructions.

  • Students who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, must report their case to
  • Faculty and staff who test positive for COVID-19, regardless of vaccination status, must report their case to HR Director Sandy Butler.

Any individual testing positive for COVID-19 will need to isolate, regardless of vaccination status. On-campus residents may choose to return home to isolate or isolate on campus. Residents who relocate to a temporary housing assignment on campus will have access to support services (dining, educational, etc.). Please contact for more details.

Vaccine Policy

As was the case in fall 2021, students, faculty and staff are expected to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Individuals may apply for a medical or religious accommodation.

Any students and employees who did not confirm their vaccination status or apply for an accommodation in fall 2021 must do so through the appropriate acknowledgment form below. Those who are new to Oglethorpe starting in 2022 should complete the appropriate form by January 15, 2022.

Face Coverings

Students and employees, regardless of vaccination status must wear face masks in all indoor, spaces unless you are actively eating or drinking, in a personal residence hall room, or in a single office.

COVID-19 Testing

COVID-19 testing will be required for all faculty, staff and students who are unvaccinated or not yet fully vaccinated. View details in the Fall 2021 plans.

Those who become fully vaccinated at a later date will then be exempt from COVID-19 testing protocols.

COVID-19 Vaccine

Hear from OU students, faculty and staff as they share why they got vaccinated.

Getting your COVID-19 vaccine is the best way to commit to the health and well-being of every member of the Oglethorpe community. Oglethorpe joins other institutions in mandating that students and employees be vaccinated against COVID-19 this fall.

Do you have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine? Visit the FAQ page for additional information on the vaccine.

Petrel Pledge

As Oglethorpe University enters the 2021-2022 academic year, we continue to be reminded of the extraordinary changes occurring at Oglethorpe and around the world in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

These changes affect everyone’s lives, creating anxiety, fear, confusion, and frustration. 

The threat of COVID-19 cannot be ignored. A shared commitment to the health and well-being of every member of our Oglethorpe community—especially those with compromised health, communities of color, and older populations—is imperative. That responsibility lies with everyone—students, staff and faculty alike.

To uphold that shared responsibility, members of the Oglethorpe community are asked to pledge to:

Practice care for individual health, as well as the health of others.
Demonstrate respect and compassion for fellow Petrels.
Adhere to public health guidelines and the policies in the COVID-19 Handbook.

By practicing these social guidelines both on-campus and at home, members of the Oglethorpe community can work together to protect the health of themselves and others – and enable us to reunite our entire community. 

We are in this together. Like true Stormy Petrels, we will rise to face this challenge and persevere. Nescit Cedere!