President Ladany announces that remote learning will continue for Fall 2020

When it is safe to return to campus, classrooms will be arranged for social distancing and reduced capacities. See classroom capacities for social distancing. Note that these numbers are subject to change. We are fabricating Plexiglas dividers to place between student seats on longer tables, according to OSHA guidelines, which may allow us to increase classroom capacities.

Due to reduced room capacities, it is likely that most classes will have to be split since our spaces will not be able to accommodate our traditional class sizes and also keep distance.

If that is the case the faculty will split their students into two groups with some coming in person to the designated room, while the others access the class remotely.

It will be up to the faculty whether they make synchronicity a requirement.  Some faculty may record the class with the expectation that those “not there” watch it on their own. Others might require students to be “in attendance” and if, for whatever reason, a student does not make it to either of the sessions they would obtain the material from classmates or the teacher as they would have pre-Covid when they miss classes.

We will make cleaning supplies available to each room and will ask that students and faculty help our cleaning staff by wiping down their areas before the next class begins. Students may of course wipe down areas when entering as well. This is in addition to the rigorous cleaning schedule to be followed by our cleaning staff.

We are waiting for updated guidance on masks. At this point it is likely we will mandate students wear them.  It has not yet been decided whether faculty should wear masks, shields, or nothing when teaching.

Update: President Ladany announced the continuation of remote classes for Fall 2020. As mentioned in COVID-19 Update: 8/19/20, masks will be required for students living on campus in common spaces and when coming and going from residence halls. There are also mask ordinances in place in the surrounding community. Masks will be provided and should be washed regularly.