Exams and Testing

President Ladany announces that remote learning will continue for Fall 2020

Update: The information below provides insight into planning for a return to in-person classes or a hybrid of in-person and remote classes. As of August 5, 2020, Oglethorpe has announced that courses will be fully remote for Fall 2020.

Many of our faculty desire the option to have in-person tests, even for classes that are fully online. Should that occur, we will designate some larger spaces as testing centers so that students can all take the test in person safely.  But as in all cases, some students will not be able to attend class/exams because they might be in quarantine or in some other way unable to be physically present at a given time. Note that we do not have enough of these spaces for all courses scheduled at a peak time to test at that time. We continue to work on possible scheduling scenarios.

The Honor Council will review policies and add information about taking tests in a non-proctored setting. These changes will be included as part of the larger student code of conduct and communicated to students directly and through syllabi and tests.

The final exam schedule is still to be determined.