Experiential Learning

President Ladany announces that remote learning will continue for Fall 2020

Internships are an important part of the student experience, and required in many of our programs.  The climate has changed but not all internships have been cancelled.  Some will be different however. Faculty are urged to be flexible in the structure of these experiences. Career Development staff in the A_LAB are preparing for the possibility of remote and micro-internships and will continue to work with students on internship placements both on and off campus.

Some of our students still plan to study abroad. At this time, we plan to allow study abroad in the fall, depending on travel restrictions.

For programs/projects that require students to collect data and engage in research, faculty should follow best practices in line with social distancing and research guidelines for their fields.

Faculty-led field trips should be limited in the fall, but allowed depending on location and ability to socially distance while travelling. Faculty should inform the Provost’s Office of any field trip plans.