Several small, less-used classrooms, are being converted to studios. These spaces will have high-grade technology and will allow faculty to film lectures for students to watch.  These rooms might also be utilized by students for group presentations or music or theater students looking to record something for class. It might be possible for faculty teaching online to utilize these spaces to broadcast their lectures simultaneously—these rooms will be bookable.  In no case will faculty be able to hold in-person classes in them.

A few larger, non-classroom spaces, such as the Library 24-hr room and TLCC Trustee Room, will be equipped with new technology and set-up as classrooms that could accommodate 30 students with appropriate spacing.

We will equip most faculty in our regular classrooms with a 360-degree webcam, a tripod, a microphone, and a document camera. This equipment should make it possible for students not in the room to access the class synchronously while attending remotely.

IT has purchased equipment to conduct network stress tests to ensure sufficient network capacity for online and hybrid learning.

Faculty will be expected to make all materials that are provided face-to-face also available remotely to students. They can do this synchronously with the equipment mentioned above, or they can do it asynchronously with the studio space equipment. If an instructor selects to broadcast their face-to-face content for synchronous consumption by students attending remotely, the instructor can determine if s/he will leave that content posted online for asynchronous consumption. If an instructor does not broadcast their face-to-face content for synchronous consumption, s/he will have to post similar material to be available for asynchronous consumption by the students designated to attend remotely.

Students with accommodations that necessitate that we make available audio materials will continue to receive those accommodations under our standard terms established through accessibility services.

ITC is working with Karen Viars on having the faculty teaching all online in the fall to go through training to be certified.  More details will be publicized as we work on the specifics. The group wants to have all faculty able to participate in the training but mandate that those faculty teaching online in the fall attend.  We will have more such sessions as we enter the fall.