Employee Preparation

Oglethorpe is operating in the orange phase of its Campus Protection Guide in Spring 2021. Campus will be open only to on-campus residents, commuter students attending classes on campus, and authorized personnel. These individuals are known as Petrels Authorized for Campus Access (PACAs).

Faculty and staff should continue to work remotely until further notice. View information for faculty and staff access to campus.

  • Employees and students on campus will be expected to abide by the policies and protocols outlined in the COVID-19 Handbook.
  • Include training to RAs
  • Provide any insights, tips, information from public health consultants to employees related to COVID-19
  • Develop visitor protocols to issue to departments that includes information on what to expect/how to navigate campus related to COVID-19
  • Collect and maintain a COVID-19 response list from all our campus partners and vendors who conduct business on our campus
  • Review all updated policies and ensure that they meet the University’s expectation on protecting our campus community
  • Work with department heads to identify possible work from home alternating schedules that could be effective and reduce the risk of spread
  • Identify the needs of alternative working arrangements for vulnerable employees and/or current physical workspaces that do not meet social distancing guidelines
  • Provide PPE and/or tools to employees that reduce surface touching and reduce spread
  • Provide CDC recommended washable face masks to employees
  • Provide “no touch” multi-tool to employees and possibly students
  • Provide touchless thermometers to department/division heads to use upon request by employees or students (determined to not require checks; only voluntary)
  • Establish procedures and require sick faculty, staff, or students (with any illness) to stay home
  • Provide disinfectant supplies and basic PPE (gloves, masks, disinfectant wipes) to all department heads OR keep a stock in secure building locations that can be accessed by departments
  • Recommend a single point of contact for ordering all PPE and/or supplies related to COVID-19 to ensure that all issued items to employees be vetted for quality and meet requirements by the CDC as well as to control costs