Information for Faculty and Staff

The COVID-19 Task Force released a Campus Protection Guide that introduced three protection phases for campus operations. Oglethorpe is currently operating under the red phase, with campus being closed with limited exceptions and delivering fully remote instruction.

Additional details on 2021 plans will be made available as decisions are finalized.

Employee Access to Campus

Faculty and staff who are able to perform their duties remotely should continue to do so, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 on campus. Campus will only be open to those whose duties require access to campus. Faculty and staff authorized to work on campus are expected to update their Petrel Pass prior to the beginning of the semester. For questions regarding your Petrel Pass, please email

Faculty and staff returning to campus will be expected to observe the “Petrel Pause” from January 25 – February 22. During this time, you should refrain from participating in social gatherings and other high-risk activities, and strictly limit yourself to essential travel. This period accounts for the two weeks prior to the semester and the first two weeks of the semester. This period of enhanced social distancing is critical in reducing the risk of spread of COVID-19 among the campus community, as the beginning of the semester will be the highest risk period for uncontained spread. Faculty and staff working on campus will be tested for COVID-19 upon arriving to campus and will be tested on a reoccurring basis.

Faculty and staff will also be expected have received a flu vaccination prior to returning to campus and be required to participate in a daily self-health screening through the LifeguardRx mobile app. Details on registering and enrolling in LifeguardRx will be emailed.